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If you can win over your mind you can win over the whole world

- Sri Sri Ravishankar 

Swapna Natarajan,


Swapna Natarajan, MSW, RSW, 

 Psychotherapist and Registered Social Worker

Hi, thank you for visiting my website!

It takes courage to seek help.

If you feel life is getting very stressful and difficult to manage, or if you're having trouble dealing with personal or professional relationships, or your family, look no further.

You are not alone and you don't have to deal with this all by yourself.

As an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist I will be very happy to help you manage your stresses and emotions and live life to the fullest! 





Talk Therapy or Psychotherapy is focussed on helping clients release their emotional or mental distress during each session.

This will involve discussing and gaining awareness into various issues faced by individuals, couples or families. 

During the sessions a variety and combination of modalities including, cognitive behaviour therapy, solutions based therapy, emotionally focussed therapy, mindfulness, and more will be used. The treatment is individualized based on each client's specific needs.


Therapy may be hard to seek out, but most people who reach out find talking and working with a therapist very helpful for their overall health and happiness.


Ducks Over the Lake



This is a collaborative process between a therapist and a client. 


Clients seeks therapy for assistance with several issues that they are unable deal with alone.


Therapy helps people deal with barriers to their mental health and well-being.


During therapy you become more aware of your emotions, thoughts and behaviours and learn how to deal with them. You also learn to improve your self esteem, and how to become more compassionate and empathetic.

Overall, therapy can improve your quality of life. 


This is a type of therapy that helps to gain insight to some distinct family patterns that may be adding to dysfunctional behaviours  and will help family members break those habits. Family therapy involves discussion and problem-solving sessions with the family. Some of these sessions may be as a group, in couples, or one on one. In family therapy, the web of interpersonal relationships is examined and ideally communication is strengthened within the family.


This type of therapy helps two individuals who are in a romantic relationship learn ways to bring the romance back in their lives. This involves  gaining insight into the problems at hand, and improving their relationship by working on their communication, and resolving conflicts by using different therapeutic interventions.


231 Oak Park Blvd Suite 301, Oakville, ON L6H 7S8, Canada